Written by Linda Johnson ….

I’ve been sick and home bound, so yesterday I decided to play some online poker. I NEVER play online tournaments unless they are SNG or heads-up but I saw a $20 MTT with a $33,000 guarantee so on a whim, I decided to register late and play it…….

I had no idea how long these things take! There were a few thousand players. I had a commitment to be at Karina Jett’s fundraiser at 6pm and never dreamed I would still be in the tourney since they are 10 minute rounds and we only start with $3K. Anyway, as luck would have it, I make the money about 5pm. We hit the final table at 5:55pm and I was the chip leader. I had called the Nugget and knew they were running late for the tournament so as long as I got there by about 6:45, I would be able to play and make a rebuy for charity. It was heavy traffic hour, so I had to either leave right then or not make the tournament at the Nugget.

First place in my online tourney was $8K. 10th was about $250 (in that range).

Here were the approx chip counts for the start of the 10-handed final table:
Hero (me): $1,180,000
Player 1: $1,005,000
Player 2: $875,000
Player 3: $650,000
The rest were between $400k and $600K except one person who had about $220K.
Blinds were $12,000-$24,000 with $3K ante.

Payoffs were approx $8,000, $5,000, $3,300, $2,200, $1,500, down to about $250 for 10th. What to do?

I really wanted to keep my commitment to Karina, so I decided to leave the tournament and let myself blind out. Figure out where you think I finished and then scroll down and I’ll give you the answer.








With the above chip stacks, I figured I could finish at least fifth and probably fourth, by being blinded off, which might be better than I would do if I stayed and played, especially since I had been playing really fast and could get trapped. Of course I would have no chance to finish first or second if I left. I ended up coming in third for $3,300 which is probably better than I would have done if I had played it out.:)

Linda Johnson
Card Player Cruises